What is a translator

More than a dictionary owner.

Translators convert written texts from one language into another.

Translators are not interpreters. Interpreters work with the spoken language. There is, of course, a relationship between the two professions, but they require very different skills — not to mention different attitudes toward one’s work. Most good translators are not good interpreters, and many good interpreters are mediocre translators at best.

Translators are language professionals. They are applied linguists and competent writers, diplomats,

Translators do not just need to know a foreign language. They also need:

Translators may have had a wide variety of previous careers. A degree in translation is useful but not essential. What counts more than anything else is translation skills. Most translators are well-read in their working languages and know how to express themselves persuasively. Others are avid language enthusiasts. Still others are knowledgeable professionals who use their language skills to work in their field of expertise. And for some of the most fascinating and also successful translators, all of these factors come together.