Signs of a good translator

... yes, you can spot them!

Translation is not the mechanical substitution of words. Translation is a creative process. If it were not, translators would have been completely replaced by machines a long time ago.

Good texts need good translators. And the signs of a good translator are easy to spot!

Good translators:

  • Speak and write well.
  • Have invested in the technology and resources that allow them to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Are experienced and can provide professional credentials and references.
  • When given all the details of a project, they can give you a fairly accurate time and cost estimate.
  • Are versatile and willing to invest time and money in learning.
  • Know their capabilities and their limitations. They will not take on a project for which they are not fully qualified.
  • Ask questions. They know when to ask you about concepts or terminology that only you can explain.