Dental book series.

ITI Treatment Guide (ITI TG)

The ITI Treatment Guide series, a compendium of evidence-based implant-therapy techniques in daily practice, is written by renowned clinicians and provides a comprehensive overview of various therapeutic options.

Using an illustrated step-by-step approach, the ITI Treatment Guide shows practitioners how to manage different clinical situations, with the emphasis on sound diagnostics, evidence-based treatment concepts, and predictable treatment outcomes. Publisher: Quintessence Publishing.

Triacom has been involved with this series since its inception. We provided copyediting services for the English volumes and translations into several languages.


The following volumes have been published by Quintessence Publishing to date:

Copyediting: Triacom Dental
Vol.   1: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone — Single-Tooth Replacements (2006)
Vol.   2: Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry — Partially Dentate Patients (2007)
Vol.   3: Implant Placement in Non-Extraction Sites (2008)
Vol.   4: Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry — Edentulous Patients (2010)
Vol.   5: Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures (2011)
Vol.   6: Extended Edentulous Spaces in the Esthetic Zone (2012)
Vol.   7: Ridge Augmentation Procedures in Implant Patients (2013)
Vol.   8: Biological and Hardware Complications in Implant Dentistry (2014)
Vol.   9: Implant Therapy in the Geratric Patient (2016)
Vol. 10: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone (2017)
Vol. 11: Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry (2019)
Vol. 12: Peri-Implant Soft-Tissue Integration and Management (2021)
Vol. 13: Prevention and Treatment of Peri-Implant Diseases (2022)

Translation: Wilfried Preinfalk/Per N. Döhler
Bd.   1: Ästhetische Implantattherapie - Einzelzahnersatz (2007)
Bd.   2: Belastungsprotokolle in der zahnärztlichen Implantologie — Teilbezahnter Kiefer (2008)
Bd.   3: Implantionen in Extraktionsalveolen: Behandlungsmöglichkeiten (2009)
Bd.   4: Belastungsprotokolle in der zahnärztlichen Implantologie — Zahnlose Patienten (2010)
Bd.   5: Sinusbodenaugmentationen (2012)
Translation: Wilfried Preinfalk with Triacom Dental
Bd.   6: Mehrfachlücken in der ästhetischen Zone (2013)
Bd.   7: Alveolarkammaugmentationen bei Implantatpatienten (2014)
Bd.   8: Biologische und materialbedingte Komplikationen in der zahnärztlichen Implantologie (2015)
Bd.   9: Implantatversorgungen bei alten und hochbetagten Patienten (2017)
Bd. 10: Implantattherapie in der ästhetisch relevanten Zone (2018)
Bd. 11: Digitale Arbeitsabläufe in der zahnärztlichen Implantologie (2020)
Bd. 12: Das periimplantäre Weichgewebe (2022)
Bd. 13: Periimplantäre Erkrankungen: Prävention und Therapie (2023)

Translation: Suzanne Assénat with Triacom Dental
Vol.   4: Protocoles de mise en charge en implantologie dentaire — Patients édentés (2010)
Vol.   5: Les procédures d’élevation du plancher du sinus (2012)
Vol.   6: Édentements étendus dans la zone esthétique (2013)
Vol.   7: Procédures d’augmentation de la crête alvéolaire en implantologie (2014)
Vol.   8: Complications biologiques et mécaniques em implantologie dentaire (2015)
Vol.   9: Les traitements implantologiques en gériatrie (2017)
Vol. 10: Les traitements implantaires dans le secteur estétique (2018)
Vol. 11: Les flux numériques en implantologie dentaire (2020)
Vol. 12: Intégration et gestion des tissus mous péri-implantaires (2022)
Vol. 13: Prévention et traitement des pathologies péri-implantaires (2023)

Translation: Simona Ferrari with Triacom Dental
Vol.   4: Protocolli di carico in implantologia orale — Pazienti edentuli (2010)
Vol.   5: Procedure di rialzo del seno mascellare (2012)
Vol.   6: Selle edentule estese nel settore estetico (2013)
Vol.   7: Procedure di aumento della cresta alveolare in pazienti con implianti dentali (2014)
Vol.   8: Complicanze biologiche e implanto-protesiche in implantologia orale (2015)
Vol.   9: Terapia implantare nel paziente geriatrico (2017)
Vol. 10: Terapia implantare nella zona estetica (2018)
Vol. 11: Flussi di lavoro digitali in implantologiea orale (2020)
Vol. 12: Integrazione e gestione dei tessuti molli perimplantari (2022)
Vol. 13: Prevenzione e trattamento della periimplantite (2023)

Translation: Ludmila de Campos Fruchi with Triacom Dental
Vol.   4: Protocolos de Carga em Implantodontia — Pacientes Edêntulos (2010)
Vol.   5: Procedimentos de Elevação do Assoalho do Seio Maxilar (2013)
Vol.   6: Espaços Edêntulos Extensos em Áreas Estéticas (2013)
Vol.   7: Procedimentos de Aumento de Rebordo para a Colocação de Implantes (2014)
Vol.   8: Complicações Biológicas e Técnico-mecânicas na Implantodontia (2015)
Vol.   9: Tratamento com Implantes no Paciente Geriátrico (2017)

Translation: Ana Vega Pérez with Triacom Dental
Vol.   4: Protocolos de carga en implantología oral — Pacientes totalmente edéntulos (2010)
Vol.   5: Técnica de elevación del seno maxilar (2012)
Vol.   6: Grandes espacios edéntulos en la zona estética (2013)
Vol.   7: Técnicas de aumento del reborde alveolar en pacientes receptores de implantes (2014)
Translation: Ludmila de Campos Fruchi and Ricardo Borges Costa with Triacom Dental
Vol.   8: Complicationes biológicas y complicaciones relacionadas con el material en Implantología oral (2015)
Vol.   9: Tratamiento con implantes del paciente geriátrico (2017)
Vol. 10: Tratamiento con implantes en la zona estética (2018)
Vol. 11: El flujo de trabajo digital en implantologia oral (2020)
Vol. 12: Integración y manejo del rejido blando periimplantario (2022)
Vol. 13: Prevención y manejo de las enfermedades periimplantarias (2023)