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Education — Science comes alive

Cell-to-cell communication ushered in an Initiative for Excellence entitled Education — Science Comes Alive. The series will eventually present all the relevant biomedical processes in dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery in the form of 3D animations, to be made available to a professional public as a 3D film library. This innovative genre — with special highlights for every viewer in separate Expert and Public versions — open up interesting teaching and training perspectives.

These animated videos were produced as a part of an interdisciplinary project comprising the disciplines of dentistry, medicine, osteology, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and materials science.

Triacom has translated the texts for these modules between German and English as the individual modules were developed in an international cooperation and provided translations for ancilliary materials, such as the German for a hardcover volume introducing the series.

This series has now been augmented by a richly illustrated volume entitled Cell Atlas – Visual Biology in Oral Medicine. Accompanied by an augmented reality app, this set should help open the vision of how we can regenerate tissues and heal diseases by controlling the cells in their own language, and shows us the direction in which research and therapy will go in the future. (Triacom provided the German translation.)


Trailers for these modules, and some full versions, are available on YouTube; we have collected the trailer links on a separate page.

The following translated modules have been published by Quintessence Publishing to date (each containing the two versions for the two target groups; all German equivalents are also available):

Translations: Per N. Dohler
M 1: Cell-To-Cell Communication

Translations: Per N. Dohler
M 2: Cell-To-Cell Communication
Inflammatory Reactions
(2012, 2nd ed. 2013)

Translations: Per N. Dohler
M 3: Cell-To-Cell Communication
Periodontal Regeneration

Translations: Per N. Dohler
M 4: Cell-To-Cell Communication
Oral Health and General Health

Translations: Per N. Dohler
M 5: Cell-To-Cell Communication
Guided Bone Regeneration

Translations: Per N. Dohler
M 6: Cell-To-Cell Communication
Peri-Implantitis and its Prevention

German translation: Per N. Döhler
M 7: Cell-To-Cell Communication
Cell Atlas – Visual Biology in Oral Medicine