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The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry (SAC)

Oral implatologist training has placed little emphasis on the identification of the degree of complexity and risk involved in individual procedures. In response to this situation, the ITI has formalized a system of Classification for dental implant procedures. The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry provides guidelines to a broad variety of implant situations for both restorative and surgical cases. The SAC Classification has been in use by the ITI as part of its educational program since 2003.

Triacom has produdced the translations into German, French, Italian and Spanish:

Translation: Wilfried Preinfalk/Per N. Döhler
Die SAC-Klassifikation in der zahnärztlichen Implantologie (2011)

Translation: Suzanne Assénat with Triacom Dental
La classification SAC en implantologie dentaire (2011)

Translation: Simona Ferrari with Triacom Dental
La classificatizione SAC in implantologia orale (2011)

Translation: Ana Vega Pérez with Triacom Dental
La Clasificatión SAC en implantología oral (2011)