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Translations   Per N. Dohler

Graphics   Per N. Dohler

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This website is for your information only. We can collect personal data from you only when you fill in a request form and send it to us explicitly. We use the data only internally for administering our business relationship with you and never pass them on to any third parties. We do not place any cookies. Nor do we use any services such as Google Analytics.

Our physical web server is Cologne, Germany and our provider’s other servers and technical infrastructure including our Hosted Exchange mail server are also in Germany.

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Technical information

We create our own web pages using clean manual HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

We test our website with the most current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. In our experience, almost everything looks reasonably OK on other browsers. Minor formatting inconsistencies are, however, unavoidable. We have acquiesced to these limitations in order to be able to offer an up-to-date and informative website at reasonable cost and almost exclusively with in-house resources.
Our server does not execute any code detrimental to your system.


Version 1.x: We have had a web site since 1995, when this became technically and commercially feasible for small businesses and individuals in Germany. We had initially offered a few pages on Compuserve.

Version 2.x: In early 1996, we reserved our own domain name, rented space on a server in Southern Germany, and created our first fully fledged web site. In mid-1996, we moved our web site to a server in the U.S.

Version 3.x: Our web pages were completely redesigned and, in part, rewritten in September of 1997.

Version 4.x: We learned a lot! In August 1999, we streamlined and completely updated our web site. Using cascading style sheets and frames greatly simplified maintenance, and loading speeds were improved. (We still write all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript manually.)

Version 5.x: In 2002, our site was further streamlined and revised for the new CI. We also moved our main website to a different provider (in Germany again this time) offering more options and better service. 

Version 6.x: The new website for Triacom Dental was rolled out in the winter of 2005/2006. It features many new and streamlined options and a fresher and leaner look thanks to the increased use of JavaScript. The new design has also been applied to www.triacom.com. In 2011 we moved to a more powerful and customer-friendly hosting service, Domainfactory.

Version 7.x: In 2012 we added a Swedish version of our website and cautiously updated the page design.

Version 8.x: In 2015 we redesigned our website completely to make it accessible on mobile devices and to adapt it to changing viewing habits while retaining much-appreciated features. in 2017 we merged the “dental” and “non-dental” versions of our website.

Over the years, we have received a lot of positive feedback for our website, which was one of the first in the field of translation. The Translation Journal 8:4 (October, 2004) lists our website as the first entry under the heading of “Translators' Best Web Sites.”