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Transcreation is a relatively new term that originated in the English-speaking marketing and advertising world. Blending the words translation and creation, it refers to recreating a text for a different target audience. Trans­creation takes the original (source) text, deconstructs its intentions and underlying cultural assumptions, heri­tage, values, and beliefs, then re-shapes it in the target language.

The transcreative process draws on the means available to the target language and cultural discourse to convey as much as possible of the original message and intention, style, and tone of voice, finding appropriate representations for idiom, humor, dialects, and context that work in the target environment. To make up for details that cannot be “copied” to the target culture, it seeks out appropriate images, sayings, and concepts to bring the message to life and elicit the desired response.

“Transcreation is to translation what copywriting is to writing.” (Percy Balemans)

How, then, does transcreation differ from translation? After all, good translations have always striven to act as an intermediary on more than just a linguistic plane. Transcreation takes the art of translation to the next level. When we speak about transcreation, we usually think of marketing and advertising text — which unlike most technical texts will appeal to the reader’s emotions and cultural background, and often cherishes the unique, the unexpected term, the wordplay, the hidden allusion. Transcreating these will often involve much more than most other translation tasks.

(A close relative is literary translation, which serves a different purpose but is often faced with much of the same challenges.)

“Transcreation balances these two imperatives: to foster a brand recognizable around the world, while tailoring the advertising message for local markets. Finding the balance between global and local can be quite complex, and in planning an international campaign, it is crucial that all factors be considered.” [1]

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