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We only do what we’re good at.

We are a small and highly specialized language service provider.  “All languages — all fields” is a claim we prefer to leave to others. We concentrate on what we really know.

No text is an end in itself. Every text is about some­thing. And good translators know what that something is.

Medicine and medical technology

We have focused on the technologies of the future, such as genetics and genetic engineering, imaging and rapid prototyping, and analytical methods, and clinical information systems (where our IT expertise comes in handy).

In addition, we have worked extensively with general medical technology and medical devices, sterilization and sterilizers, and relevant international standards. We also regularly work on clinical and pharmacological texts.

Our typical assignements are quite varied and range from package labels to expert opinions, marketing and patient/professional information copy, scientific articles and technical manuals, and even complete sets of drug registration dossiers. We also translate clinical and scientific reports and presentations.

Dental and medical infection control

Infection control and medical hygiene, including sterile supply and reprocessing, is a highly specialized field in which we have been active as technical translators for 30 years.

Complex legal and normative requirements often collide with the actual conditions on the ground. For this reason, research results and new procedures must be disseminated so that scientists, administrators, and practitioners alike can benefit from them. We support the work of professional associations and journals by providing translations that are sensitive to the expectations of the target audience.

Business and marketing

Your printed or online presentation will be the first thing your (potential) customer will see of you. But the coolest presentation will not get you very far if the quality of your texts is not up to it.

Your company presentations, newsletters, and press releases are in good hands with us, as are campaigns, ads, and mailings for both print and online.

Product literature items are important advertising vehicles — but so are more mundane texts such as labels, package inserts, and safety instructions.

Our greatest strength as a team is our unique blend of language, subject matter, and business expertise. It certainly helps that we have a marketing expert on site!


Information technology has permeated everything — from ceramic kilns to CAD/CAM milling machines. We hage done a lot of work for the IT industry and know how to localize software or write clear instructions. We have also translated many dental websites.