Text review

Brushing up your copy.

We can help you in various ways to get convincing texts to your audience.

We will work with your existing texts, tailoring our review services to your needs. Choose from the following or submit your own editing specifications:

  • Checking the flow of writing and improving the readability and clarity of the document
  • Checking facts, cross-references and other verifiable details
  • Suggesting improved wording and reorganization of documents through substantive and developmental edits
  • Correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation errors
  • Verifying the correct localization of measurements, abbreviations, telephone numbers, currency, etc.
  • Checking documents for terminological consistency and accuracy as well as completeness within the document and within a set of documents
  • Implementing customer guidelines (house style, glossaries, terminology lists)
  • Evaluating documents under cultural, marketing, and user appeal aspects