What others have said about us.

  • ... Meeting a master of his trade: Per N. Döhler, specialist dental translator for EDI Journal, in conversation with Editor-in-Chief Anita Wuttke.”   EDI Journal 2/2017, p. 29


  • ... And as far as quality is concerned, with you and Triacom, it feels like we are riding in the Mercedes of (German) translation. That’s where want we want to be and feel. Rolls Royces and Jaguars are too flashy and they need too much gas anyway ...”   C. R., Qualitative Research Director, market research company, Canada
  • ... got feedback on the first text you did. The clients German representative had been ‘moved to tears’ by an exceptionally good German text. J ”  K. H., Project manager, translation services, Finland
  • ... Thank you very much for the translations. You have done a great and professional job.”  S. B., Project Manager, pharmaceutical company, Sweden
  • ... I've been working with translations ... for many years, and I have NEVER seen a specialist translation which was as good as this one. It was a pleasure to do this job.”  B. B., Managing Director for Germany, office chair manufacturer, Norway
  • ... I really like what you and Thea did. Thank you for fitting this job into your schedule! I feel very good about presenting this to our client.”  C. T.-H., Managing Director, marketing communications, USA
  • On Feb. 27 a jury of German ad folk and textile industry executives in Frankfurt voted one of our ads for Textile Solutions an exemplary specialist ad amongst over 3,000 ad pages placed in TextilWirtschaft [magazine] during the year 2000.   B. W., Language Director, advertising agency, Sweden
  • ... The translation is perfect. Thanks a lot.”  S. Y., Project Manager, software company, Germany
  • ... I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with you. You have responded very professionally and promptly to my requests for these little assignments, which, I am sure, have been somewhat distracting and maybe even annoying when you have larger projects from other clients to tend to.”  R. M., CEO, translation services, USA
  • ... I just wanted to say THANKS for doing a great job on the ... job. I really appreciate your willingness to do last minute reviews and linguistic checks etc. We delivered the project on time and the client was VERY happy. They are coming out to visit us next week and plan to give us ALL their localization/translation work in the future. ... Thank you so much.”  B. W., Project Manager, localization services, USA
  • First, I want to express my compliments for the excellent translations you provided me with.” S. Z., Project Manager, translation services, USA
  • ... thank you so much for your extra effort yesterday. Translators like you and Thea make my work flow much more smoothly.”  A. C., Project Manager, translation services, USA
  • ... I just wanted to let you know that we just got some feedback from the client on the German version of the ... web site. The client is extremely happy with the end result and with the fast turnaround. He said that he couldn’t be more pleased, so give yourselves a pat on the back. Thanks again for your amazing service. There is absolutely no way that we could have completed the project on time without you and your team of translators.”  C. R., Project Manager, content management, Canada