Premium mix: Scandinavian portfolio

A few examples of our work outside the dental and medical fields.

We would like to show you — using Scandinavian companies as an example — that we are not narrowly restricted to dental and medical topics. We have translated many texts in the fields of corporate com­munications, sales, and marketing — for advertising and PR agencies as well as for direct clients.

Here is a selection of translations  that are proud of having done and had a lot of fun doing.

Product development and technical information

  • Future by Semcon customer magazine, press releases and website copy, Semcon (SE), 2011–
  • Press releases for industrial clients of Infomedia (SE), 1998–

Paper and cartonboard

  • Highlights customer magazine, press releases, corporate and product brochures,  presentations, environmental product declarations, Korsnäs (SE), 2004–
  • Nordic Swan, procurement criteria for printers, Miljømærkesekretariatet Dansk Standard (DK), 2006
  • Imprint customer magazine, Norske Skog (NO), 2001–2003
  • People and Paper employee magazine, Norske Skog (NO), 2001–2002
  • Series of product brochures with G-Print paper samples, Stora Enso (SE), 1999–2005


  • Advertisements, brochures, and press releases, Eka Chemicals (SE), 2000–

Interior decoration and textile design

  • Image and product brochures, Kvadrat Soft Cells (DK), 2008–

Office chairs and furniture

  • Image, theme, and propduct borchures, website copy, catalogs, presentations, video scripts, environmental product declarations for RH (SE) and, subsequently, Scandinavian Business Seating (NO), 2007–

Buses and trucks

  • Wall calendars, surveys, website copy, Scania (SE), 2006–


  • Buster boat catalogs, Fiskars (FI), 2005–2009

Wooden flooring

  • Product brochures, business and environmental reports, Kährs (SE), 2001–2002

Service vehicles

  • Series of product brochures on function vehicle interiors, Modul-System (SE), 2003–2005

Associations and government agencies

  • Information brochure, Sewedisch Association of Professional Translators (SE), 2010
  • Website copy and brochures, Folktandvården (Swedish national dental service) Skaraborg (SE), 2003