Your data and documents are safe with us.


We make daily, weekly and monthly backups of all data on different machines (grandfathering). Our file server and the workstations have redundant storage systems. In addition, all data are regularly saved on encrypted removable media. These backups are stored in a safe place – and additionally off-site.

Translations also get lost in our client’ offices, too – more often than you might think. Unless you request that all documents and data be destroyed, we will keep a copy of our work for you for at least two years. Then if you later need another copy of the text, we will often be able to help you.


All our computers have state-of-the-art protection from viruses, worms and other creepies (with virus signature files being updated several times a deay). To our knowledge, we have never sent anyone a virus-infected file.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be safe from our friendly neighborhood “Secret Service.”


Data is always safest when someone is actually watching it. In our office, all data and documents are usually un­der surveillance even at night and on weekends. And if not — they are still password-protected and encrypted. Since we do not usually have visitors in our office and since someone is always watching our computers, no intruder can gain access to any data.

Paper documents that you declare confidential are kept under lock and key and are not disposed of in the normal way, but shredded or burned. Data is deleted after processing, delivery and payment if requested.

We do not store client data on servers outside the EU.

Privacy policy

Please consult our separate privacy policy statement.