Cheap is expensive. Expensive is cheap.

We want our work to be worth more to our clients than it costs.

Cheap has nothing to do with profitable. Beating a spoiled translation halfway back into shape can cost more than starting over. And if a spoiled translation is left as is, the damage in terms of business and image loss can be much higher still. Better get it right the first time!

The cost of a project depends on the amount and difficulty of the work, the deadline required, the source and target languages, the target group and of course on what services are needed: Translation, text review, adaptation, copywriting...

With so many different factors, we cannot use a schedule of rates that is applicable to each and every case. With regular customers we frequently agree on a standard price per word or per hour for standard projects, especially if the scope of the project is not clear from the outset.

Added cost can be avoided by announcing orders ahead of time, by allowing (if possible...) sufficient time for execution, and by delivering original files in formats that can be directly processed (no paper, faxes, PDFs, image files).

All orders placed with Triacom are subject to our Terms and Conditions.