Information for potential subcontractors

We want you to wow us.

All translators who work for us are carefully selected and tested where required.

To initiate the process, please send us your translator profile. Tell us about the qualifications and experience you have as a translator, language combinations you offer, fields you specialize in, the kinds of text you like best, the type of clients you usually work for, time spent abroad, and any other skills you may have. We would also like to know why you want to work for just Triacom and what you would expect of our cooperation. (We appreciate work samples!)

Please do not send any formal CVs or copies of your diplomas. Do not go out of your way to round up references at this point. Just send us the material we request as an e-mail attachment. In this manner, we can read your application in a quiet moment when we can give it the attention it deserves.

If we believe your profile fits ours, we will contact you. We strongly discourage any “follow-ups” — phone time is a valuable commodity best reserved for clients.

Our ISO 17100 certification requires us to ensure that the subcontractors selected to participate in translationn projects have the required competence and qualifications.

We will not ask lots question simply to “pad our database,” but out of profes­sional interest in the work of our subcontractors. We know we are asking for a bit of effort, but in this way we get access to sophisticated clients.

  • We will send applicants a form, which is intentionally a somewhat unstructured Word file so you can write as much or as little as you deem necessary. For some data we will ask for evidence.
  • We will ask for your translator/revisor profile or CV.
  • We will also ask to sign an NDA. also pursuant to ISO 17100.
  • We may ask you to perform a short, standardized translation test. Your translation should be returned to us within a reasonable period of time. You will receive compensation for your participation.
  • We need your full business and contact information. Do not forget to specify your stipulated fee for for the most common types of translation you undertake.

And if everything you have read so far is agreeable to you, we would like to hear from you.