Summer office

Keeping in touch with the world.

All good translators must keep up to date with their working languages and with the countries where they are spoken.

Triacom has developed the “summer office” concept where we temporarily relocate our office abroad for a period of 6 to 10 weeks, in one of the countries where our working languages are spoken.

Of course we will still be fully available to our clients during this time, work a normal workload, and can be reached by e-mail or phone as usual. Then after hours we delve in deeply into the day-to-day life of the city that hosts us, meet people — such as clients and other translators — and take part in the social and cultural life, making sure we remain on top of things.

During the summer office period we also attend conferences and continuing-education events.

In 2018 we will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, in El Cerrito to be exact.

  • 1997
    San Francisco, US
  • 1998
    Key West, US
  • 2000
    Cape Coral, US
  • 2001
    Everglades, US
  • 2002
    Stockholm, SE
  • 2003
    Stockholm, SE
  • 2005
    Stockholm, SE
  • 2006
    Oxford, GB
  • 2006
    Tel Aviv, IL
  • 2007
    El Cerrito, US
  • 2008
    Stockholm, SE
  • 2010
    Sydney, AU
  • 2011
    Tromsø, NO
  • 2011
    Berkeley, US
  • 2012
    Stockholm, SE
  • 2014
    Stockholm, SE
  • 2014
    Fort Myers, US
  • 2016
    Stockholm, SE

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