All roads lead to...

The German version of the instruction below has more details.
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By car

Go to Lüneburg as per the map above. As you can see, there is a crescent-shaped bypass going around Lüneburg in the east. Get on that and then take off to the east at highway (“Lüneburg-Hagen”) in the direction of Dannenberg.

Follow east for about 4 kilometers. Once out of town and past the industrial zone on your left, you will see just fields and forest for a while and cross a canal. Keep going until you hit a rotary/roundabout. Go straight here (= take the second exit). Follow the road into Barendorf (through the traffic light and approximately 200 meters beyond), then take a right at the pharmacy (“Apotheke”), onto Dorfstraße (little blue street sign). Keep going on this street; it’s our street. Go past the next intersection on the right, slow down, and start looking for our house on the right-hand side. Watch for a bus stop and a white house with a dark roof and a black wire fence with a sign Triacom – 6.

By train

Lüneburg, the nearest train station, has frequent service from Hamburg/Harburg, Hannover, and Lübeck. We are part of Hamburg Metro Transport (HVV). The Lüneburg station is on our side of town, but bus service to Barendorf is infrequent. Take a taxicab (about 7 kilometers) or call us.

By plane

The nearest airport is Hamburg. Take the ”S-Bahn” suburban rail line  S 1  (10-minute interval, 25-minute trip) or a taxicab downtown to the central railroad station and go to Lüneburg by train. Or rent a car and drive (get on freeway south, signposted Hannover, go down through the tunnel under the Elbe River, and follow our car directions).