A few examples of our work.

This page intends to give you an impression of the scope of Triacom’s work, using Scandinavian companies as an example. It is true that what accumulates in over twenty-five years borders on the unmanageable. For example, in the dental field, we have translated more than 60 books and more than 1,600 scientific and technical articles. And we have translated similarly many texts in the fields of corporate communications, sales, and marketing — for advertising and PR agencies as well as for direct clients.

We just selected a few things from the past few years that we had a lot of fun translating.

Product development and technical information

  • Future by Semcon customer magazine, press releases and website copy, Semcon (SE), 2011–
  • Press releases for industrial clients of Infomedia (SE), 1998–

Paper and cartonboard

  • Highlights customer magazine, press releases, corporate and product brochures,  presentations, environmental product declarations, Korsnäs (SE), 2004–
  • Nordic Swan, procurement criteria for printers, Miljømærkesekretariatet Dansk Standard (DK), 2006
  • Imprint customer magazine, Norske Skog (NO), 2001–2003
  • People and Paper employee magazine, Norske Skog (NO), 2001–2002
  • Series of product brochures with G-Print paper samples, Stora Enso (SE), 1999–2005


  • Advertisements, brochures, and press releases, Eka Chemicals (SE), 2000–

Interior decoration and textile design

  • Image and product brochures, Kvadrat Soft Cells (DK), 2008–

Office chairs and furniture

  • Image, theme, and propduct borchures, website copy, catalogs, presentations, video scripts, environmental product declarations for RH (SE) and, subsequently, Scandinavian Business Seating (NO), 2007–

Buses and trucks

  • Wall calendars, surveys, website copy, Scania (SE), 2006–


  • Buster boat catalogs, Fiskars (FI), 2005–2009

Wooden flooring

  • Product brochures, business and environmental reports, Kährs (SE), 2001–2002

Service vehicles

  • Series of product brochures on function vehicle interiors, Modul-System (SE), 2003–2005

Associations and government agencies

  • Information brochure, Sewedisch Association of Professional Translators (SE), 2010
  • Website copy and brochures, Folktandvården (Swedish national dental service) Skaraborg (SE), 2003