Welcome to look around!

  • Parking
    6 — Triacom. This is it. Parking is never a problem here. Park your car and come on up!
  • Entrance
    This is the front door. Welcome in.
  • Hall
    Looking out, and then we will look around a bit.
  • Office tract
    This way to our offices. The door in the middle of the picture leads into Per’s office.
  • Siv
    A view of the translation workstation. Many dictionaries are of course available online, but some paper volumes are still indispensable, even if they have no search function beyond our thumbs.
  • Bragi
    This workstations is used mostly for communications and administration, for project management and accounting, and for layout and Internet work. 40 inches 4K is a nice screen size.
  • Paper reserve
    Our offices continue the contrast between the building’s elegant black-and-white theme and the warm Nordic beechwood furniture. The number of folders is limited. Paper has a short half-life here.
  • Meeting room
    Also a convenient place to “park” material for larger projects, or to work on things that would be in the way in the individual offices. Smaller seminars (up to 4–6 participants) are also held here.
  • Sunroom
    Here in the sunroom it is easy to take a break or to read up on something. Our offices are air-conditioned. Still not all that common in Germany, yet, but: sweaty brains can’t think properly.
  • Patio
    On warm days we can sit on the terrace. And work there, with a bit of self-discipline; WiFi coverage is good enough.
  • Back yard
    It can be very peaceful and idyllic around here. A good place to collect one’s thoughts.
  • Winter view
    We don’t get a lot of snow in this area. But when we do, things can look rather dramatic. This is a view from the sunroom (!) adjacent to the meeting room.
  • Books
    Some of the books translated by Triacom.
  • Operations room
    We are very happy to have this separate operations room. It lets us keep most of those annoying ‘fffff’ and ‘Zzzzz’ sounds away from where we work.
  • Thea’s office
    Small but well-organized. This is where Thea advises clients, translates, organizes events — and talks on the phone — sometimes for hours on end.
  • Side entrance
    In the event that meetings or workshops continue into the next day, we can offer the use of our guest suite on the lower floor.
  • Guest suite: living room/office
    The two rooms of the guest suite — sitting room/office (shown) and bedroom. Of course you have your own bathroom. All the technical equipment you will is also there.
  • Guest suite: detail
    Coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks are always available. Room facilities are roughly equivalent to those of a three-star hotel.
  • Guest suite: bedroom
    Plenty of room for your wardrobe in the separate bedroom. Our many “summer office” trips have taught us a lot about what is nice to have.
  • Guest suite: bed
    Very important: a comfortable and healthy bed for a good night’s sleep. With a good reading light and an extra 40-inch TV.

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